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Careful Chandelier Cleaning

Keep your home looking its very best with chandelier cleaning services from My Chandelier, Inc. in Roswell, Georgia. When our team finishes, your chandelier will look better than one in a showroom.
Chandelier - Chandelier Cleaning

Let us clean all of your chandeliers, no matter what type or size. Our professional staff has the knowledge and experience to clean antique and contemporary fixtures with simple or intricate designs.

The Focal Point of Your Home

Chandeliers are meant to be looked at. Don't let your beautiful piece become dull and dirty. Our company recommends having your chandelier cleaned once or twice a year depending on the particles of pollen, cooking oil, and soap in the environment.

With proper cleaning, you are able to avoid damaging your lighting. Our technicians remove all moisture from areas surrounding the electrical receptacle. To keep your chandelier securely mounted, it is never rotated more than necessary.

Our Process

Your home and the immediate area around the chandelier are cleared, and all furniture is covered. Each crystal is hand cleaned. If necessary, the chandelier is taken apart to avoid damaging the crystals, a process that requires patience and extreme care. We use ladders and scaffolding for residences and hydraulic lifts at commercial buildings to make certain that every part is dusted while maintaining safety.
Contact us for cleaning services that get leave your chandelier sparkling.